Good Morning Sunshine!

Good morning sunshine
Good morning sunshine ! The sunrise brings warmth on a cold day. Today 35 degrees Fahrenheit /1.667 Celsius. Here we freeze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, but not today! Picture by Nana on my telephone at 7:03am in my pjs , cozy robe and slippers. Great way to start the day! Time to get our winter wardrobe out. Time to clean your clothes, sew on any buttons which may have fallen off last season, sew that lining seam that got ripped in your good coat etc..
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Enjoy your day!

Daily Walk

Butterfly on blooming lilac by JLN. Today I took my daily walk at my local park. Here are some of the scenes from that walk that I enjoyed at the park! Read more:

Read more Today on our daily walk we stopped at the Waterfall in the Herb Garden , sat on a bench closeby, listened to the water gurgling, soaked up the ambiance of the peace full setting.

Yellow and purple Irises still blooming by JLN.
Lily pods by JLN.
Lily pods with blooming Lilly by JLN.

After resting for a while we decided to check out the rest of the herb garden to see if any plants were in bloom. At this time of the year not much plants blooming. We found this prairie rose, first one blooming!

In the herb garden the first prairie rose by JLN

After the herb garden, we then went for a one mile walk through the woods, where we found this purple vine climbing to the very top of the trees. I have not seen this vine in bloom before in these woods. I do not know the name of this plant, but it is purple and beautiful. If anyone out there knows the name or can tell us more about it, please leave me a comment.

A purple climbing vine by JLN

I walked for a solid hour and I felt good that I was able to fit that in today. How about you where did you walk today? and what did you see? Share it with us by leaving a comment!

Enjoy your day!