Fifteen Garden Roses.

Garden roses after a good soaking from the rain.                                                                        My number one granddaughter is 15 today!   15-5-15.

Maybe 15 pink roses.  Let’s see what the florist has for an affordable price.  So I called the florist close to her home.  Together we designed a bouquet  of 15 garden roses.  She also commented on 15-5-15 being a “golden……”.     She came up $4 a stem, but I hesitated and she quickly dropped it to $3.00 a stem making it $45.00 for the whole bouquet plus $6 for delivery today instead of $9, because my granddaughter lives so close to her store.  

Friday I got her school assignment to her for end of year project.  Interview Grandma!

*Number 5:   **1957**

I received the assignment  with the questions by email,  I  answered them all and got them back to the teacher with some pictures.  This delighted my daughter who replied with “Wow, thanks mom”, obviously a working mom.  I have been there I know what it is like to be a working mom with three children(hectic).   To do this project timely it helped that I had a lot of pictures on my computer and was just able to insert them into the assignment.  Time is of the essence every day.   How about you my friend any granddaughter stories to share with us?

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