Chrysanthemum, the flower for November
Chrysanthemum, the flower for November

Symbolization:  Compassion, Friendship, Joy.  Red is for love,  White means innocence and  Yellow is for unrequited love.   Chrysanthemums originated in east Asia and are the flower of China.  They bloom in Autumn and are a sturdy plant.

Today the full moon super moon rising is a rare sight.

 Full moon-Supermoon rising
Full moon-Supermoon rising. Picture taken at approximately 7pm on my little Olympus X940 using full zoom feature  and a little enhancement by Picasa.  

What is special about tonight’s full moon?  Last time we  saw this supermoon was January 1948, well I was six years old and doubt if I was watching the moon rise,  I was probably sound asleep in my bed.  The next supermoon of this magnitude will be in 2034.  The moon will appear approximately fourteen percent larger than the smallest moon and thirty percent brighter than the average full moon.  Fortunately, there is no cloud cover in my area tonight so I grabbed my camera and took a picture.  Enjoy!

Today,  I received a live postcard from my niece in Australia via Facebook

Sydney Harbour, Australia
Sydney Harbour, Australia.  My niece out sailing took this photo on her phone. Imagine the Supermoon in Australia at the end of this sunny day,  it will appear to be a twenty-four  hour day!

Monday is laundry day at my house, so I did three loads of laundry.  I washed and  dried, folded and returned them to their drawers in the dresser.  From 3pm to 5pm I raked the leaves up on the lawn.  At 5pm my husband helped me bag them for the leaf pickup.  So that was my exercise and fresh air for today.

Leaves on the Lawn
Leaves on the Lawn

My last post was in March and I apologize for not getting back to you all sooner.  I will catch you up on some of the past  events in the next two months.  

Enjoy the full moon!

Well it is time for sleep now but this Septuagenarian  is going outside to take one more peek at that supermoon.

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