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Happy Halloween!

Martha Stewart  is a Domestic Diva and a  SeptuagenarianMini-Lanterns!  Born August  1941.               She taught us all to bake a pumpkin pie,  carve a pumpkin and make a pot of pumpkin soup.


Colcannon traditional Celtic Dish served on Halloween! 

Add some Celtic Traditional music  for a lovely  party!

Mary Black ,  traditional Celtic  SingerMary Black......Colcannon

The lyrics to Collcannon

Halloween is a Celtic Holiday maybe 2000 years old!

A Celtic Blessing:  May you have warm words on a cold evening,   a full moon on a dark  night and the road run downhill all the way to your front door.

Black cat

This Black Cat  already sleeping the day away in his new cosy bed will not be “Trick or Treating” tonight!

I  think I will  enjoy a cup of tea  with a slice of Barm Brack to celebrate.

Happy Halloween!

Stay safe and keep your Pets safe!



Septuagenarian walks the Red Carpet

without a cane,  six weeks after her Knee Replacement Surgery to promote new movie!  An example of an active septuagenarian living her dream! The good news is that  she is healthy enough to do the surgery and have a speedy recovery.   Well done Judi continue to thrive!    Judi Dench is 78 years young!

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Judi Dench is one of my inspirations for this blog.   I saw her in the movie  “The Best  Exotic  Marigold Hotel”  and loved it.   A tale of five retirees who for different reasons travel to India for a holiday  and find new  beginnings.   Lots of laughs!   In the movie Judi creates a Blog to communicate with her son in England,   a cheaper way to keep in touch!  My favorite scene has got to be,   Judi riding off into the crowded streets of India,   her arms clutched tightly around Douglas’ waist  ( Bill Nighy),  on a scooter.  

Tell me about your life!

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“Cheers for Miss Bishop”, a movie from 1941

This morning, I watched a delightful movie.   It’s called “Cheers for Miss Bishop” and it was filmed in 1941!


I spoke with my son this morning on Skype.  He made it to China safely and all is well!  I am continuously amazed by the world of technology! It’s incredible to think about carrying on a conversation with someone on the other side of the planet in real time.  I will sleep soundly tonight knowing that everything is okay with him.

Today, my husband and I attended our grand niece’s third birthday party!  We’ll call her “Princess Emily”.  Her grandmother (my husband’s sister) put the entire party together for a  $1.50!   Chalk up another victory for grandmother ingenuity!


Technologically Challenged!

Drink of the Day…………..Today I tried ” Pumpkin Martini”  A recipe from the Food NetworkFN-Thanksgiving_America-pumpkin-martini-cropped_s3x4_lg

Today is my 2nd post on my Blog and it is taking me forever.  It will be a steep learning curve,  getting used to this new Technology.   Bear with me!

Yesterday the weather temperatures here dropped to 31 degrees,   put the heating back on again, first time since summer began.  Goodbye summer you were way too short.  Added a warm blanket to my bed and made a note to get some new Flannel Sheets with my coupon from Bed Bath & Beyond.  I also have an online coupon if I can figure out how to use that!

Yesterday evening was spent at my son’s “Goodbye Party “;  he is going to China to play music.  He wanted to savor some American Food before his long journey.    We went to the local steak house,  which was absolutely packed on Friday night.  It was too long of a wait for a Diabetic, so we tried a new Italian Restaurant instead.  I tried the drink of the day!

How are you finding the latest technology?  I want to hear about your frustrations.   How are you overcoming them?  All local libraries have free training and there are lots of free online classes.  Have you tried them?   How is your typing?  I want to hear about your sucess’ also!

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OMG, I’m 70!

Take this journey with me
“So let me take you by the hand, and let’s take a walk down the road of life.”

Dear Reader,

Realizing that the 70’s will bring new challenges and joys to my life has inspired me to start a blog!  How very 2013 of me!  Let’s bring the party to the internet!

Welcome!  In this blog, I’ll be talking about everyday things that the average 70-year-old will encounter…

  • health issues
  • feeling useful
  • the dazzling beauty of nature
  • healthy cooking
  • Etc… Whatever inspires me

We live in a beautiful world and, despite my age, I intend to enjoy it to the hilt. (within my limitations!)

So let me take you by the hand, and let’s take a walk down the road of life.  This is going to be a challenging, yet exhilarating time in my life, and I intend to write about it here, to share it with you.

We will laugh, we will talk, we will cry together!  Let’s go for it!  

Let’s have discussions!  Where are you from?  Do you have anything to share about entering the autumn of your life?  Leave a comment below!