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Mother Nature shows her wrath!

Although, we live in a very beautiful world, Mother Nature can be very violent and destructive.   When she shows her wrath,  I feel very overwhelmed, small and useless!

Candles (2)

My thoughts and prayers are with the Philippines as they struggle to recover from typhoon Haiyan.

How can I help?

  1. Donate to reputable relief funds.
  2. Donate to the Red Cross.

Share your thoughts on how you empower yourself to feel less useless!


Latest technology can help you out in a pinch!

Tomorrow is my daughter’s Birthday and I have arranged nothing for her celebration.  Due to budget constraints, I am unable to send her flowers.  Instead I sent her a FREE “ecard”.  I hope that she likes it.  This is a convenient way to keep up with Birthdays when you are in a pinch, with nothing out of pocket!

“Hallmark”,   “American Greeting” and all the major greeting card companies have free ecards,  but for a small fee you can get a beautiful birthday card from Blue Mountain.

Using my word documents I was able to personalize a card for my daughter all free.

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Seventh Day, Seventh Blog, 70!

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Fall leaves!  Today I took a walk in the park while the rain fell gently on me.  We are almost half way through autumn,  yet the trees continue to dazzle me with their beauty.  Some trees are completely bare of their leaves, while other trees seem to be in full bloom.

This blogging is not as easy as it should be .  My typing is slow, my English seems to be non-existent and,  my spelling and grammar are just not in my brain.  When did I lose it all or did I?  Am I having a senior moment or is this a  Septuagenarism?  To improve my spelling and grammar I am typing my blog into a Word Document.  I have not  figured out how to copy and paste it into my blog.  I do not have a problem uploading pictures.  To improve my typing I shall keep practicing!  How are you doing?

Congratulations Septuagenarians you have travelled 70 times around the Sun!

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Thank Goodness it’s Friday!    On Friday evening my family likes to celebrate the end of the work week and the start of the weekend by going out for dinner and maybe a movie.  We try to pick a restaurant within our budget .   Today we chose a family restaurant!Glass of red wine

I ordered a glass of Pinot  Noir,  a red wine from Mirassou.   This wine was very delicious!

The restaurant was full of families eating out on Friday night.   Many families included Septuagenarian grandparents.  One grandparent in particular was holding his grandson’s report card,  there to celebrate it.  What a nice supportive ritual!

Today is the first  day of November!  Please fill out your calendar.

November Calendar4

What’s on your calendar?

See you on this Blog tomorrow!