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Happy New Year 2014!

Peace card11.

Peace in your heart,  Peace in your family and Peace on earth!  I always celebrate the New year with anticipation and hope, but this year I am particularly excited!   January 1st, 2014 will be a new moon, the first new moon on New Year’s day of the 21st century.  1995 was the last time we witnessed this event.  Promises of new beginnings!  So, out with the old year and in with the New Year.  Happy New Year 2014 to all!

What’s your ritual?    Share it with me!




OOps! My screen just blue screened! What is this?

On November 15th, while writing my blog post, my screen turned blue with a message: “windows is shutting down with possible viruses or disk problems”.  I immediately shut down my computer(Dell).   Fortunately my back up drive was unplugged, if it was a virus the rest of my work would not be contaminated.   I have an extra laptop(Toshiba) so I plugged it in and loaded my backup data onto it, ran AVG my antivirus software.  During the process of downloading  the Skype camera another blue screen.  It was obvious that there was something serious going on, time to take the computer into the shop.  $199, a signed maintenance contract(for a year), a new antivirus package(Webroot) and five days later I got my computer back,  fully scrubbed of all viruses and reloaded with all  the software and backup data, ready to start blogging again!

Now, I could have gone to my local library and continued blogging , but , I was really cautious and wanted to know  what was wrong with my computer!

After  the “Dell” came home, the “Toshiba” went into the shop.  No viruses were found on the laptop, just dust causing it to run slowly,  which was vacuumed out.

So, two different problems causing blue screens!

I know that “techie stuff” is boring and challenging.  Personally, I was ready to throw  the computer out the window, fortunately I couldn’t afford to do that!


 Is your birthday this month?   What are you doing to celebrate?  Please leave your comments.