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Pets can be a great source of joy to Septuagenarians!


Buddy Miles
Buddy Miles

Let me introduce you to a handsome Tuxedo Cat named Buddy M.  He brings my home great joy every day, just by being himself.  He was rescued from a stray  animal shelter.  He really belongs to my son the rescuer.  When he came to live with us in 2011, he weighed fifteen pounds and had some bladder problems, the Vet put him on a prescription diet(C/d multicare).  Today, Buddy weighs nine pounds and is enjoying good health.  Congratulations Buddy M. you are a Star!

How about your pets?

Share the joy with me!

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Postcard from Australia!

Today, I received some Postcards from Australia via Facebook. Not long ago, my postcards arrived in the mail. They usually came with a message “Missing you and Wish that you were here”.   It took them at least  five days to get here by Airplane and up to six weeks by Ship, Rail and Ground Transportation.  This picture  taken in Australia arrived instantly on Facebook.  That has got to dazzle you!

Picture taken by SV sent via FB1/20/14
Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia taken January 20th, 2014

I see my septuagenarian friends putting their travel photos out on Facebook, I love this, because I share their travels. 

Wishing you were here!



Joys, joys and more joys!

Anything more joyful than planning a wedding?  Today my daughter and I attended a Bridal Faire.  She has set the date for her wedding in 2015.  This is wonderful as we have lots of time to pick the venue, etc., so today we took the first step on this journey together.  Just browsing , picking up brochures, taking pictures, listening to music,  looking at venues and eating lots of wedding cake samples.  Nothing sweeter than being parents of the bride, well maybe, parents of the groom.

Petra designs
Flowers, flowers, flowers so many to choose from!


How about you?  Any weddings in your future? Share your joy with me!

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Have a great day!


Local library is a great resource!

Today I spent some time in a local library.  I went there to donate some paperback books that had been piling up from 2013. While I was there I borrowed some books and a DVD on teaching children to knit. Something I can do with my grandchildren, when I next see them.  You local library is a great resource for books, children’s books, CDs, DVDs, computers for use and more.  Check out your local library!Knitting

What did you find there?  Share it with me!

Enjoy your day!


Hugging is good for you!

Hugging is good for you according to Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Hugging is good medicine from Dr. Wayne Dyer!
Hugging is good medicine from Dr. Wayne Dyer!

Dr. Dyer is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self development.  Many of you may have read his first book published in 1976, “Your Erroneous Zones”.   Over the years I have been following him on Public Broadcasting .  In 2012 he published “Wishes Fulfilled”.  “The greatest gift you have been given is the gift of your imagination” a quote from Wishes Fulfilled.  Born 1940 makes Dr. Dyer a septuagenarian!  I find his books positive and inspiring.

Have you hugged anyone today? 

Get hugging!



“I’m Late, I’m Late for a very important date….”

“I’m Late…” a popular line from the  1951  Disney adaptation of Lewis Carrol’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”(1865), also known as  “Alice in Wonderland”. 

Ditty by White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, Disney Movie 1951!
Ditty by White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, Disney Movie 1951!

Like White Rabbit I too am late for a very important date:  My Grandaughter’s 8th Birthday!  Once again,  Technology to the rescue!  Online  I ordered eight pink roses and a balloon bouquet to be delivered to her home.  I know that she is going to love the flowers!  Although, most of my experiences of ordering flowers online have been excellent,  I did have one unfortunate bad experience of buying one hundred dollars worth of flowers, that were never delivered and I was unable to have my money refunded.  So proceed with caution when ordering online ! 

Have a lovely day!

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Gifts really are cheaper after the Holidays!

It’s true, gifts really are cheaper to purchase after the holidays!  I budgeted fifty dollars for each of my families this holiday.  One family was travelling out of the country for the season, so I held off sending their gift until they returned.  Imagine my surprise and delight when I was able to purchase their gift for fifty percent less and still get free shipping!Gift for the holidays!

Fruit, popcorn, truffles, raspberry galettes and chocolate cherries, something for everybody.   This gift feeds four to six people.  Do you think that this would be a super gift for a septuagenarian on a budget?  Would you be delighted to receive this gift?

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Joys of being Seventy!

For me the Joys of being Seventy are unlimited and I continue to add more joys every day!70 cupcakes

Let’s get started with these four:

1.  Enjoying my spouse, my children, my grandchildren, brothers and sisters,  relatives, friends and community, they push my joys to the maximum.  I feel surrounded by love.

2.  Being part of the human race!  Admiring and being awed by our accomplishments! 

3.  The joys and beauty of our world! (Mother Earth).

4.  Feasting on my memories!  (Good ones for pure joy and bad ones for lessons learned, which I now choose to forgive and forget.)

Please share your joys with me, leave a comment.



The intoxicating smell of popcorn!

Today, my walking buddy and I did our walk at the local mall!  The smell of popcorn floated around us, however, we tramped on for one lap, just stopping to check the calendar display.  The price of calendars were reduced by 50%, good bargain!

 Popcorn balls!
Popcorn balls!

My buddy got a sore ankle and needed to rest in the arm chair outside the Kopper Popper, the popcorn store.  Of course, the smell of popcorn lured him into the store!  He purchased a Snack size bag of popcorn for $2.00.  The good news is,  that is a low caloried inexpensive  snack!  The popcorn balls cost $1.50, tasty and cheap!  While he sat and enjoyed his snack, I continued walking for another lap. 

Walking with a buddy is more fun and more enjoyable!

Where do you take your walks?


Walk in the Park!

Frozen waterfall scene from my daily walk! Picture by "Nana".
Frozen waterfall defrosting in a local park!

Today,  I walked for 30 minutes in a  local park.  I brought my camera with me and captured this scene.  My new year resolutions include more exercise and developing some new skills.   I will use the Blogging and the Photography as my new skills for this year!

How about you?  

What do you do for exercise?

Feel like taking on some New Skills?