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Winter Olympics, an inspiration!

I am always inspired by the Olympics.  The scenery from the Winter Olympics always leaves me breathless!  In this lifetime I will probably never get to visit these spots, but through the magic of Television, there they are in my living room, but never say never!  This is the Twenty Second Winter Olympics, the first one was in 1924.  2014 Winter Olympics is the Largest Winter Olympics ever with eighty eight countries represented by two thousand, nine hundred  incredible athletes.  You have to admire those young athletes who train their bodies and discipline themselves in the pursuit of excellence! Olympic torch 3

 The Olympic Torch arrives at the North Pole for the first time on February 1, 2014.   Picture from National Geographic News 2014, enroute to the North Pole!

Today, I am inspired to take my thirty minute walk in the park, to keep myself fit to enjoy my seventies!

Join me!


Postcard from Portugal!

My memories of a lovely trip to Portugal in February of 2012, the year of my becoming a septuagenarian, include orange groves, beautiful tile work, colorful  pottery, Moorish castles, huge cathedrals and fresh fish straight from the sea!  A glimpse of an ancient world!

Photo taken by SAN. February 8, 2012. Property of That70sblog.
Colors of Portugal!

This picture taken using a telephone!  If you still travel put this lovely country on your agenda!  For more information on Portugal visit your travel agency.  Even if you don’t travel pick up some travel brochures  for gorgeous pictures of Portugal.

Wishing you were here!

Share you travel adventures with me!





Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is a perfect Valentine’s day with a full moon in the sky  tonight!  Enjoy!  Another opportunity  to show the love!vintage valentine
So what is  this septuagenarian doing today?  Going to take  my daughter and my  sister’s family out for lunch!  

“Love Makes the World go ‘Round!”

Love makes the world go ’round ,

Your pulse will beat,

And your heart will pound,

Cause love makes the world go round!

Yea, Yea, and a Yea, Yeah!

Song written by Ollie Jones and recorded by Perry Como in 1958!  Remember!

Now this septuagenarian is off to enjoy that full moon!

Remember your first Valentine?




Fighting cancer around the world!

Today is World Cancer Day.   As a septuagenarian, twenty six years breast cancer free, due to the efforts of excellent Doctors,  I applaud this fundraising effort.

Pink ribbon for breast cancer
Ribbon for Breast Cancer

Today,  I am joining in spirit with the Cancer community around the world in their fight  to eradicate this disease.   To be part of this event log on to Facebook.

What’s your story?  Has your life been touched by cancer?  Please share your story with me!



Plants to freshen up the air in your home!

Keeping our homes safe and healthy has always been a challenge for families, but never more than in 2014!  Homes filled with computers, televisions, microwaves, technology everywhere.   This book “Your Naturally Healthy home” written by Alan Berman in 2001 is laden with good ideas to do so. I took on the plants to freshen up the air in my home.

Your Naturally Healthy Home by Alan Berman, published 2001.
Your Naturally Healthy Home by Alan Berman, published 2001.
Picture from "Naturally Healthy and Safe Home" by Alan Berman borrowed from local library!
Air cleaners: English Ivy (Hedera Helix) and The Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum wallisii).
From book "Naturally healthy and safe home" by Alan Berman published in 2001.
Healthy air: Two or three plants such as Dracaena are enough to ensure healthy air in a room!

Stay healthy!