A memorable weekend!

Maple tree in Autumn color when they arrived
Maple tree in Autumn color  in the  backyard when my sisters arrived on Thursday.

On Thursday evening my two younger sisters K and T came to visit me and stayed for a few days making it a memorable weekend.They arrived in time for dinner.  I set a small table in my very small living room with a small table cloth, four wine glasses, four tiny plates, cocktail napkins, cocktail forks,  etc., and a tray of   Hors d’ oeuvres of Gouda cheese and water crackers served with green seedless grapes , marmalade and wild blackberry jam. While they nibbled and chatted and enjoyed some wine I finished up the simple dinner, still talking and listening to them from the kitchen. 

Marinara sauce
Marinara sauce bubbling on the stove.

A simple dinner of Spaghetti, Marinara sauce with artichokes, red peppers, sauteed sliced mushrooms and and topped with freshly shredded Mozzarella Cheese. Garnish the spaghetti with black olives and marinated green olives stuffed with pimentos

Sauteed sliced mushrooms in olive oil and Italian seasonings. 
Italian sausage roasted in an 350 degree oven for 45 minutes
Italian sausage roasted in an 350 degree oven until cooked.

Friday: Sitting at the kitchen table in our pajamas,  drinking tea and munching on toast smothered in butter and marmalade talking about everything and anything.  Afterwards, dressed in our raincoats we headed out for a  long  walk in the woods.   In the woods we were sheltered by the tall trees from the rain, just occasionally  some mist on our faces.  Gentle breezes rustled through the deciduous trees bringing  showers of leaves to the ground.  In the evening we all got dolled up and went to a local Japanese restaurant for dinner.   In the Hibachi dining room where chefs prepare spectacular displays of food on the grill amid flames shooting upwards to the ceiling and juggling spatulas and food being directed into the diner’s mouths lots of laughter, oohs and aahs,  we enjoyed a lovely meal.


Old record player
Old record player, old furniture , old weighing scales, old books. 
Pretty dishes, plates and flower pots.
Throw rug
Throw rug, so inexpensive!

Saturday: Antiquing for couple of hours, walking through the entire  mall.

Humorous quotes on small blackboards on the wall of the cafe.
Humorous quotes of wisdom  on small blackboards on the wall of the cafe.

Sunday:  Blueberry pancakes for breakfast followed by another  long walk in the park.  In the afternoon another leisurely  trip to the mall to do a little shopping for bed linen and a work outfit.  At 4pm my  daughter  wanted to show us  her venue  for her upcoming wedding on the grounds of a historic mansion.  Another  two hours of leisurely walking and enjoying the mansion and the grounds.

photo by ERN by telephone
October flowers blooming in the garden
photo by ERN
Orchid blooming in the hothouse.
Waterfall in the Japanese garden
Waterfall in the Japanese garden

For dinner we ate at a local Chinese restaurant.  Outside the restaurant we were astonished to see this decorated horse. 

The horse with a collar of hot pink fabric roses, a fundraiser for Breast cancer.
The horse with a collar of hot pink fabric roses, a fundraiser for Breast cancer.
Fundraiser, if you ordered these taco dishes, $1 to the breast cancer fund.
Fundraiser, if you ordered these taco dishes, $1 is donated to the breast cancer fund.

Chicken and Pork, $7.25,  Lobster cost $10.25. $3.00 to the cancer society. 

Monday:  Porridge for breakfast, packed up and ready to go home.  Noon lunch at the Chinese restaurant,  3 more plates of  chicken and lobster tacos.   Three more dollars  going to the breast cancer research.  We arrived at the  Airport at 2pm for their flight home.  Both of them expected on the job next morning.

Chrysanthemums fall flowers
Chrysanthemums fall flowers
photo by ERN taken on smart phone
Cornstalks and pumpkins
Maple leaves
Maple leaves on the lawn on Monday as they were leaving.

Sisters are gifts which you will enjoy forever.  Together we laughed, we talked, we walked, we ate,  we sang, we cried, we remembered.  To my sisters; Thank you for your visit, you are the best,  I love you forever!

Tell me about your sister, please leave a comment.



4 thoughts on “A memorable weekend!

  1. We had a wonderful long week-end. It was such a joy for us to laugh and joke together and tell stories from the past. We were so delighted to see the place where our sister lived, all dressed up in its autumn colours. We are grateful to her and her husband and daughter for their generosity and hospitality. It was home away from home. The autumnal weather was beautiful. I’m so grateful to have such a loving and fun family. From – the younger sister!

    1. Hello T;
      You are so right, we did compose a song. Look forward to getting it finished and polished up. But don’t forget your wonderful dance “The locomotion”, equally superb! So much fun!!!!

      1. I’m working on the first verse, it goes something like this:
        When I was young I thought seventy was old,
        Now I know it is bold!
        When I got to the top of the hill the view was superb
        I had love, I had strength, kindness and verve
        I cast off my young attire
        and took on what I desire!
        Beauty, grace, dignity, creativity and embraced life

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