“A Walk in the Woods”

McAfee Knob, Virginia
McAfee Knob, Virginia, on the Appalachian trail.(photo from wikimedia commons)

Summer movie about walking the Appalachian trail wowed me with it’s fabulous scenery shots, and so nice to see Robert Redford in a movie again, he is such a talented actor and a septuagenarian being 79 years old.  I noticed a significant amount of septuagenarians in the audience, obviously fans.

Shenandoah valley
Shenandoah valley on  the Appalachian trail in Virginia taken on my trip there last year.
Blue ridge mountains from wikipedia commons
Blue ridge mountains also part of this scenic trail.  Photo from wikimedia commons.

My photo of the blue ridge mountainsMy glimpse of the Blue Ridge mountains in Virginia from the lookout on E 64.

Pansies blooming at a carwash in virginia
Pansies blooming at a carwash, where I had the car washed, to get  the bugs off the windshield after the five hundred mile trip. 
My walk the woods was a lot quieter than "A Walk in the Woods". No bears!
My walk in the woods was a lot quieter than “A Walk in the Woods”.  No bears!

If you can get to a theater in your area you will enjoy this comedy with a lots of laughs.  Did you enjoy any of the summer movies?   You may have seen some beautiful sights in your area or travelled to see some!


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