Activity on the lawn.

Photo by ERN on smart phone
“Chippy” sleeping in the afternoon sun.  Photo by ERN on smart phone.

Chipmunks,  we have named one “Chippy”….On the tree stump at 3pm every day basking in the afternoon sun.  On my morning  break today, I watched him make about ten runs across the street, he stops at curb momentarily as though he is listening for traffic and then like lightening he dashes across the street into the neighbor’s lawn, grabbed  a nut(maybe from a squirrel’s stash) and repeats the journey back to his nest.  

Two bunnies on the lawn in the evening for dinner
Two bunnies on the natural lawn in the evening for their dinner.

Two rabbits who simply munch on the clover and whatever salad greens that they can find in the lawn at sundown spend an hour or two feasting leisurely.

Albino red-tailed hawk
Albino red-tailed hawk, photo from

Hawk in the trees announces his arrival, small animals and small birds quickly hide.  Usually the red-tailed hawk hangs out in our area, but one evening I observed a white  bird about the same size, I came to the conclusion that it might be an albino.  A flock of small birds were cavorting in a bush,  singing to their hearts content, while the hawk sat on the electric lines watching them dart in and out of the bush in the evening sun.  He was preparing for his dinner.  Watch out little birds!

Blue jay stores nuts just like squirrels
Blue jay stores nuts just like squirrels.  I have see him store them  in flower pots and will become quite annoyed with you if  you try to move them.

Blue Jays: quite aggressive land on the lawn to enjoy their dinner.  They seem to travel in pairs.

Grey squirrels comb the lawn for nuts.
Grey squirrels comb the lawn for nuts.  They play and frolic  in the sunshine.  Photo from Wikipedia commons.
Black squirrel
Black squirrel  although they are rarer in our area than the grey squirrel also  gather their nuts for the winter .  Photo from Wikipedia commons.

A large grey cat wanders from lawn to lawn seeking out his food.

A grey cat. Photo from Wikimedia
A grey cat is on the prowl.   Photo from Wikimedia  

This is the activity on the October lawn which keeps me interested,  enthralled and amused.

Red geraniums still blooming in pots at the entrance of the hospital
Red geraniums still blooming in pots at the entrance of the hospital .                          

Today I went with J to the hospital for his followup appointment with his Oncologist, he got a very positive readout.  A little poem that I read while I was waiting for J.

“Cancer cannot”

Cancer cannot: Cripple love,  

                                Shatter hope,

                                Eat away at peace,

                               Silence courage,

                              Corrode faith,

                             Reduce eternal life,

                            Quench the spirit

                           Destroy confidence,

                          Take away friendship.

                         Cancer is so limited!”

Author unknown.

Enjoy your day!


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