Light blue ribbon symbol of Prostate Cancer
Light blue ribbon symbol of Prostate Cancer

Cancer is a deadly disease.  If you catch Cancer early enough it may not be a death sentence
July 1st of this year my husband J was diagnosed with Prostate cancer. The cancer was caught in the early stages and is treatable. His treatment began in August with a Hormone blocking  injection and today we went to the hospital for his first  session of radiation treatment.  My challenge is how to best support  my husband as he takes on yet another challenge to his health.

I have attached a timeline of his journey so far.

Has your life been touched by Cancer?

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 2014/2015/2016/2017/2018/2019 Timeline

February:  Prostatitis with temperature.  J visits his Primary Care physician and receives a prescription for antibiotics.  The infection subsides.  He is advised by his physician to make an appointment to see  his Urologist.

June:   Appointment with his Urologist.  Blood test comes back with questions?

July:  29th  You have Prostate cancer!

August:  Appointment with Oncologist.  Good news cancer is confined to Prostate, no need for Chemotherapy.  J started on a treatment of Hormone blockers.

September:  Radiation department begins placing markers around the treatment area.  

October:  14th Radiation treatment  begins, 5 days a week at 10am M-F, for 5 weeks.

October:..Another Hormone blocker injection.

November:  3rd..RT20, 4th..RT.. 21, RT 22, 6th..RT23, 7th..RT 24, 10th..25th Last day.

December..1st..Planting of the seeds.   J is now “radioactive”.  No hugging children and pregnant women.

December..16th.Follow up with Urologist.  Good report.


January ….2nd Scan..Appointment at 9am, out at 9:15am and on the way home.

January…..3rd..Severe leg cramps.  3am I rubbed out his left leg.

January….4th..Severe leg cramps.

January..5th..J returns to work.

February..1st..First half life of radioactivity.  He is now free to hug children and pregnant women.

February..26th..Visit to his Primary Care physician….Setback

April….Second half life.

May….Joined a weight reduction class for support losing weight.

June…Third half life.

June …2nd..Appointment with his Optometrist…Swelling behind his Retina.

June…3rd..Appointment with Urologist for blood test.

June…3rd..Weight loss is eight pounds.

June… 13th..Surprise letter with the results of the blood test.  PSA=0.015 very low.                

June…23rd..Appointment with Urologist for readout of blood test .

June…23rd..Appointment with Specialist to exam the swelling in his eye.  Everything ok.

August…Fourth half life.

October 1st…Fifth half life.

October 16th…Appointment with Oncologist, who gave him a very positive readout.  No lumps in prostrate, healing well.

October  27th…Appointment with Primary care doctor.  

November …..The side effects of the Hormone blockers wearing off,  J is feeling more  like himself.

December 1st, exactly one year since J had his seeds implanted.. Sixth half  life.



February 1st..Seventh half life.

April 1st..Eight half life.

May 11th..J  is down 25 lbs.  in his Weight reduction class*****.  For exercise he is back  to moving the lawn.  Maybe 3 mows already.

June 1st..Ninth half life.

Appointment with J’s Urologist,  we can barely wait for good results.


All clear.


All clear.


All clear.  He continues to check in with his urologist once a year.

I will continue to update this timeline  occasionally.


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