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“I’m Late, I’m Late for a very important date….”

“I’m Late…” a popular line from the  1951  Disney adaptation of Lewis Carrol’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”(1865), also known as  “Alice in Wonderland”. 

Ditty by White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, Disney Movie 1951!
Ditty by White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, Disney Movie 1951!

Like White Rabbit I too am late for a very important date:  My Grandaughter’s 8th Birthday!  Once again,  Technology to the rescue!  Online  I ordered eight pink roses and a balloon bouquet to be delivered to her home.  I know that she is going to love the flowers!  Although, most of my experiences of ordering flowers online have been excellent,  I did have one unfortunate bad experience of buying one hundred dollars worth of flowers, that were never delivered and I was unable to have my money refunded.  So proceed with caution when ordering online ! 

Have a lovely day!

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Latest technology can help you out in a pinch!

Tomorrow is my daughter’s Birthday and I have arranged nothing for her celebration.  Due to budget constraints, I am unable to send her flowers.  Instead I sent her a FREE “ecard”.  I hope that she likes it.  This is a convenient way to keep up with Birthdays when you are in a pinch, with nothing out of pocket!

“Hallmark”,   “American Greeting” and all the major greeting card companies have free ecards,  but for a small fee you can get a beautiful birthday card from Blue Mountain.

Using my word documents I was able to personalize a card for my daughter all free.

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