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Postcard from Australia!

Today, I received some Postcards from Australia via Facebook. Not long ago, my postcards arrived in the mail. They usually came with a message “Missing you and Wish that you were here”.   It took them at least  five days to get here by Airplane and up to six weeks by Ship, Rail and Ground Transportation.  This picture  taken in Australia arrived instantly on Facebook.  That has got to dazzle you!

Picture taken by SV sent via FB1/20/14
Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia taken January 20th, 2014

I see my septuagenarian friends putting their travel photos out on Facebook, I love this, because I share their travels. 

Wishing you were here!



Walk in the Park!

Frozen waterfall scene from my daily walk! Picture by "Nana".
Frozen waterfall defrosting in a local park!

Today,  I walked for 30 minutes in a  local park.  I brought my camera with me and captured this scene.  My new year resolutions include more exercise and developing some new skills.   I will use the Blogging and the Photography as my new skills for this year!

How about you?  

What do you do for exercise?

Feel like taking on some New Skills? 


Seventh Day, Seventh Blog, 70!

Property of that70sblog
Fall leaves!  Today I took a walk in the park while the rain fell gently on me.  We are almost half way through autumn,  yet the trees continue to dazzle me with their beauty.  Some trees are completely bare of their leaves, while other trees seem to be in full bloom.

This blogging is not as easy as it should be .  My typing is slow, my English seems to be non-existent and,  my spelling and grammar are just not in my brain.  When did I lose it all or did I?  Am I having a senior moment or is this a  Septuagenarism?  To improve my spelling and grammar I am typing my blog into a Word Document.  I have not  figured out how to copy and paste it into my blog.  I do not have a problem uploading pictures.  To improve my typing I shall keep practicing!  How are you doing?

Congratulations Septuagenarians you have travelled 70 times around the Sun!

Thanks for stopping by!