Sunset on the lakeSunset on the lake.                                                                                                                                                 Today, we arrived at the lake to join my husband and son on their fishing trip in time to have dinner with them.  They had crocked a pot of  beef and vegetables, starting it in the morning before they went fishing and arrived back very hungry to a hot and delicious meal.  We ate heartily until we could eat no more.  Then we went for a boat ride on the lake to see this sunset.

 The guys had caught a fish, a 22 inch Walleye, but that was for eating another day.  The fish was cleaned, filleted and frozen.Walleye 22inchesThe fish, a Walleye.

Geese with their goslings-003Geese and their goslings enjoying their evening swim before bedtime.

I really enjoyed that hour on the lake watching the sunset,  I felt  the gentle breeze swept away all the cobwebs from my brain.  

Afterwards a trip to the ice cream shop for a simple yet delicious dessert.  Small cones of Chocolate, Coffee,  Chocolate and mint and Lemon Chillo all around.  We sat outside on a bench in the warm summer weather licking our ice creams with gusto.  We had to eat quickly so they did not  melt all over us.

Enjoy the sunset.




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