Flowers blooming on a hot August day, 08/11/2019


Taken this afternoon in the herb garden while taking a one hour walk, or I should say a stroll.

Butterfly in “Jo Pi”
Black eyed Susans.
Hot Pink at it’s best.
Butterfly on yellow flower.

Straw flowers. For fifty years I have been buying a small bunch of these, sometimes weekly, sometimes monthly, I actually thought that they were cut flowers dried, imagine my surprise when I found these growing in our local herb garden today.

Bee on flower
Yellow flowers growing tall in a meadow in the woods.
Poke berries, not for eating, poison!!!
Really enjoying this perfect summer weather, I am having a stay-cation. Just enjoying catching up with my summer reading on a chair in my back garden. Got a little gardening done, pulling weeds etc… How is your summer going? Share it with me by leaving a comment. Stay cool.

All photos today taken by Nana on my Telephone.

2 thoughts on “Flowers blooming on a hot August day, 08/11/2019

  1. This must be a gorgeous place, Mo. Such lovely pics. Must be a great phone! The colours!

    So glad you have such beauty around. And is your own garden in bloom?

    It is hard not to enjoy a very long hot summer, but I am undergoing several small skin cancer surgeries, so am very white this year. And I just moved again…now I can walk to visit my brother. But lots of unpacking still to go. Lovely to hear from you.

    1. Thank You Marg. It has been a perfect summer here, not too hot or humid, consistent sunshine and just enough rain to keep us green. Today I sat out in the sunshine with sun screen and sun hat on to read my summer novel. Because of adequate sunshine the colours of the flowers are so intense, like a tropical climate. I will post picture of what is left blooming in my garden. Nana

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