January 6th in Bergamo.

BergamoRemembering January 6th 1994.  A scene from a famous Cathedral you may see if you visit  Bergamo, Italy.     Bergamo is a city in northern Italy, 40 km NE of  Milan, and 30 km from Lake Como. The foothills of the Alps begin immediately north of this city.

 In 1994 while chaperoning a boys choir, we stayed two days in Bergamo staying overnight at an ancient bed & breakfast. The owner a very old lady with long flowing grey hair, wandered the corridors in a long white flannel nightgown and bare feet giving us an image of a ghost, rather spooky.  


Images of Bergamo!  A collage from Wikipedia Common licences.

We arrived in Bergamo on a bus, a very rainy day,  we had to walk up approximately 1000 steps  with our heavy suitcases,  arriving there completely soaked and out of breath from our climb to this very funky bed and breakfast.  However, our stay there was pleasant!  Next day , a beautiful sunny day, yet cold, we trekked back  down the stairs to see the beautiful city of Bergamo.   Bergamo Nians were all out dressed in their best finery, their fur coats and pearls heading to a Pastry shop to pick up their deserts for their celebration of the Epiphany on January 6th.  While they were waiting for their pastries, they chattered happily and sipped champagne from a wine bar at the other end of the bakery. The scene in the Pastry shop defined the word “civilized” for me. Calendar from Italy with recipiescropped

 I picked up this calendar in Italy with twelve Italian dishes, however it is in Italian, so I can only admire the pictures.   

The full moon is still in the sky tonight and moving towards Jupiter.  This moon is sometimes called “Full wolf moon”, “Old moon” or “Moon after Yule”.

Enjoy the full moon!


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