Memories of Thanksgiving

Lovely bunch of flowers
A lovely bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums and red roses, ” Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours with much love”,  from my brother’s family delivered by a local florist with a box of chocolates. 

A centerpiece of oranges and hazelnuts on a glass cake plate add color to the thanksgiving table.  Matching napkin in a gold leaf napkin ring!  Laying the table for brunch for my daughter and her fiancee today.  My husband is cooking her favorite food.  Crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, hash brown potatoes, buttermilk biscuits served with butter and her favorite jam(blackberry, grape jelly and my favorite jam blackcurrant) .  To drink: orange juice and sparkling apple cider, followed by a cup of tea and coffee . After brunch, my daughter has to go to work at  a retail store, much to her chagrin.  We are grateful that we have this  time to share this beautiful meal together.
Delicious pumpkin bisque
Delicious pumpkin bisque with a fresh baked roll.

After the brunch we are  invited to a family dinner with some new friends that we met this summer.  There were about twenty  people there and what a thanksgiving feast was laid out on the dining room table.   Roasted turkey and gravy, 2 different dishes of stuffing,  4 different vegetable dishes,  Macaroni and cheese,  Mashed potatoes, Sweet potatoes,  Green salad, cranberries, Oranges stuffed with cranberry relish, Cornbread and buttermilk biscuits.  This all followed with desserts, pumpkin pies, sweet potato pies, Pound cake, and Aunt Gerda’s tea cakes. 

Gourds and squash
Gourds and squash at the market

Aunt Gerda was the oldest relative at the party being  *****98*****years of age.  She led the prayer before dinner with enthusiasm as we all joined hands and gathered in a circle around the table.  “We are grateful for the gift of life, the gift of love of family and friends and the bounty of this feast prepared for us by the three members of the family who had been cooking in the kitchen for many hours today and let us remember the people of the world less fortunate than us, may their plates be full also”  she prayed.  “Amen” we all replied.

Pumpkins, orange and white!

The youngest member of the party, the hostess’ grandson was 9 years of age and he filled his plate with his favorite food  “mac and cheese with  fried chicken”, which he ate with gusto.  After all the eating, the chatting and the laughing, an impromptu concert.  We enjoyed singing with guitar, flute and piano.  Two teenagers in a poetry group in their High School recited poetry that they had written.  Their mother and father both poets gave recitations of their poetry.  Then an octogenarian friend who had made up a poem today  recited her poem.  We all listened in awe.  A room full of amazing talent wowed us.   A beautiful Thanksgiving day to always remember.

Today at the food market  they had 10 cans of soup on sale for $10. Split pea, lentil, minestrone, classic vegetable and tomato. That is $1. per can, this soup is usually $2.75 a can, a saving of $17.50 on 10 cans.  I loaded those into my basket to replenish my pantry.  They also had a party size frozen lasagna for $13 both meat and vegetable, I picked up 2 of those, in anticipation of having my whole family here for the holidays, I saved $8. there.  Total saving today is $25.50. 

Wreaths ready for the next part of the Holiday
Green pines with bows looking very festive on my way out of the market, heralding an even bigger holiday approaching.

I am grateful for all my readers and send you all much love,  as Aunt Gerda said ” I have nothing left to give at age 98 but love, I love you all”, after all isn’t that the greatest gift of all!

Enjoy your day!



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