November full moon.

Today's moon taken from my house with the zoom on
Today’s  photograph of the moon,  taken from my house with the zoom feature on my camera, looks dazzling and close!

When we left the restaurant after dinner, there she sat in full view in a clear sky.  Today, the moon in the sky looks pretty full.  Is it a full moon?  I checked  Google  for the date of the  November full moon and alas, it will be on November 25th.  I went ahead and took the photograph today because we usually have cloud cover and the moon is not visible.  I checked out the Farmer’s Almanac  to get more details on the November full moon.  It is sometimes called the Beaver moon because it was the time to set traps to catch the Beavers for that winter fur coat before the water froze over.  This moon was also called the Full Frost moon.  

The moon without zoom
The photograph of the  moon without the zoom feature on the camera, looks much further away.

The question is :  “How far away is the moon from the earth?”  Approximately 238,900 miles.  So fly me to moon! (wishful thinking). 

Take a peek out the window and check out the moon.

Enjoy your evening!





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