October in the herb garden.

A busy bee feasting in the afternoon sun on these colorful flowers
A busy bee feasting in the afternoon sun on these colorful flowers.

A walk in the herb garden at my local park in the sunshine today brought to my attention, how beautiful the garden is in October.  Join me on my daily walk and  bring your camera!

 Pineapple sage blooming
Pineapple sage blooming.
Northern sea grass
Northern sea grass.
fall color in the herb garden
 Fall color in the herb garden
Fall color in the herb garden2
Fall color in the herb garden, so beautiful that for a moment it felt like the tropics.
Cocks comb
Cock’s comb looking gorgeous in the sunshine. 
Swamp rose hips
Swamp rose hips.
Red berries looking so inviting to the birds
Red berries look so inviting to the birds.

Thirty minutes of walking,  fresh air and beautiful surroundings, keeping me a healthy and fit Septuagenarian,  just what the doctor ordered.

How about you? 

Any nice walks lately?

Enjoy your walk!


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6 thoughts on “October in the herb garden.

  1. Inspiring! We had a lovely walk today in that park in the rain and saw Autumn unfolding. Finding the beauty that inspires us.

    1. Hello Teri; That was a memorable walk in the park, possibly the last one this fall as the temperatures drop to the 30sF this week. Finding the beauty in everyday surroundings, even better when you share it with a friend. Thank you for visiting my blog, hope to hear from you soon again. Nana

  2. What a gorgeous Autumn you are having. Hard to believe temps will drop to 30F. And you can help yourself to any seeds you want this time of the year and have those herbs come up at home! It is a lovely park.

    And lovely to have your sisters with you. They’ll have happy memories to take home with them.

    I hope against hope you are keeping well. I think I am also. A daily walk in that park must be good for everything!!!

    Best, Marg

    1. Hello Marg;
      Our Autumn is exceptionally late this year, so it is like extending the summer by a couple of months, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to get out and walk for your exercise. Where do you walk? Share your walks with us.
      Thanks for stopping by. Nana

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