Rose of Sharon 8/16/2019

Rose of SharonTis the last rose of summer blooming all alone in my August Garden!

 Got my blood drawn this morning for annual check up. Fasted for 12 hours. Forgot to drink water which helps with the flow of the blood. Next time I will remember that about a gallon of water would have helped.   Hopefully the tech.  got enough blood to do my tests!

Big bumble bee in rose of Sharon bloom. The bloom lasts for one day and then falls to the ground. This tree has been blooming since the middle of July, it is still full of buds.

Rose of Sharon tree with lots more buds!

When the sun shines it brightest this tree becomes invaded by bees, bumble bees and little bees. As the day progresses then the cardinals show up and feast on the bees. An amazing natural phenomena.

Rose of Sharon comes with multi colored blooms, see white above!
These pictures taken on my phone!

Continue to enjoy your summer, it is winding down. Do you have Rose of Sharon in your garden? Please leave a comment. Nana

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