Septuagenarian ism?

Holiday clip art
Holiday clip art

Saturday:   Well I spent the day typing and figuring out how to get my recipe feature to work, I lost my recipe 3 times and was ready to stop using it. This morning I charged my camera battery and when I went to put it back in the camera I couldn’t find it. Later I found the camera but now the battery is gone a missin! I still have not found it. I did not go out today, because it took me until 6 pm to publish my blog post. Last Saturday we bought some outdoor lights and got 4 strands up, I holding the ladder for my husband with my right hand. Yesterday 1 set of lights went dead, so we gathered up our receipts and returned them to the store, got a new set of lights, got them back up and lighted…..looking good. After dinner we took a drive to find a hotel for the family to stay in for the holidays and when we came back to our house another string of lights were out. Tomorrow back to the store to replace them.  I spent all day looking for that battery.  At the end of the day, when I was ready to go to bed, there was the battery  in full view in my bedroom, which I had checked many times during the day.

Holiday lights
Holiday lights.

 Am I having a Septuagenarianism?

Let me know.


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