Simple summer pleasures.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATrip to a vineyard on a warm June evening for dessert!

Chilled Apple Wine, chocolate cookies and some favorite salty nuts for dessertSimple dessert2Dessert for two for under $20.  A super value.  Instead of cookies you could order goat cheese and crackers.

While we sat at a  weather beaten picnic table and enjoyed the perfect view of the vineyard and the lake below, the goats socialized with the guests from their paddock, eating from their hands and amusing the children, a strange noise above us grabbed our attention.  At first it sounded like a hive of bees coming towards us.  Sometimes in summertime the bees will decide to move their hive in one fell swoop to another area.  When we looked up in the sky it was a drone with a camera.    Maybe the vineyard was trying to capture the summertime scene for their website,  but the noise chased the goats into their barns.  I also was tempted to run to a safe place.   Well this was a first for me, possibly the last drone that I saw was in the movie “Star Wars”  in 1977.

WMCH_Drone                                                     Photo of a drone  from Wikimedia Commons.


 Drone with a camera  invaded the vineyard sky and chased the goats away!

o (7)Goat grazing on grapes.  

o (6)o (2)Goats hanging out at the vineyard.   Photos from their webpage.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAView from our table.

Except for that little hiccup, the evening remained another perfect summertime moment  with my daily walk to the lake and back about 1 mile. 

Enjoy your day!





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