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A memorable weekend!

Maple tree in Autumn color when they arrived
Maple tree in Autumn color  in the  backyard when my sisters arrived on Thursday.

On Thursday evening my two younger sisters K and T came to visit me and stayed for a few days making it a memorable weekend. Continue reading A memorable weekend!


Thank Goodness it’s Friday!    On Friday evening my family likes to celebrate the end of the work week and the start of the weekend by going out for dinner and maybe a movie.  We try to pick a restaurant within our budget .   Today we chose a family restaurant!Glass of red wine

I ordered a glass of Pinot  Noir,  a red wine from Mirassou.   This wine was very delicious!

The restaurant was full of families eating out on Friday night.   Many families included Septuagenarian grandparents.  One grandparent in particular was holding his grandson’s report card,  there to celebrate it.  What a nice supportive ritual!

Today is the first  day of November!  Please fill out your calendar.

November Calendar4

What’s on your calendar?

See you on this Blog tomorrow!