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Happy Halloween!

Martha Stewart  is a Domestic Diva and a  SeptuagenarianMini-Lanterns!  Born August  1941.               She taught us all to bake a pumpkin pie,  carve a pumpkin and make a pot of pumpkin soup.


Colcannon traditional Celtic Dish served on Halloween! 

Add some Celtic Traditional music  for a lovely  party!

Mary Black ,  traditional Celtic  SingerMary Black......Colcannon

The lyrics to Collcannon

Halloween is a Celtic Holiday maybe 2000 years old!

A Celtic Blessing:  May you have warm words on a cold evening,   a full moon on a dark  night and the road run downhill all the way to your front door.

Black cat

This Black Cat  already sleeping the day away in his new cosy bed will not be “Trick or Treating” tonight!

I  think I will  enjoy a cup of tea  with a slice of Barm Brack to celebrate.

Happy Halloween!

Stay safe and keep your Pets safe!