The Holiday Ornament

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe original Kissing Krystals ornament, classic red.  Mistletoe door decor kiss ball. 

mistletoe ornament
Today at 3pm J entered the operating room for the surgery, the planting of the seeds. It is expected to be a two hour procedure and two hours in the recovery room. I wait in the waiting room with my beeper in hand.  His urologist will come visit me there with the news of how the procedure went and what to expect in the recovery room.  I track his progress on a TV screen.  I decided to go to the in-hospital cafe.  For lunch I enjoyed a bowl of fresh winter squash soup with crusty bread and a mug of spicy pumpkin tea.   After lunch I wandered over to the hospital gift shop.

One of the holiday traditions in our family is to buy or make a new ornament for the holiday tree every year. We should now have at least thirty six ornaments for the tree.  I bought this year’s new ornament there for less than ten dollars.   Feeling uplifted in spirit I then headed to the non-denominational chapel for a quiet time. chapelThe chapel at the hospital, a quiet place to meditate and pray.
When I got back to the waiting room my beeper went off , alerting me that J’s urologist  is waiting to give me the good news that everything went well.  On the TV screen it showed in a purple color that J had moved into the recovery room.  You have got to love modern technology for keeping you updated.  J is sedated on pretty strong painkillers, so I drive him home from the hospital.  He is “radio active”.

Stay healthy!


3 thoughts on “The Holiday Ornament

  1. This is a tender description of what must be one of the most difficult things we do, waiting while our loved one gets surgery. Despite having gone through so much yourself, it is never easy to be the one on the other side. the one who must get through those long hours without falling apart.

    Nana your love shines through.


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