The joy of healing!

Words of wisdom
Words of wisdom.   A get well card from my  11 year old grandson.

Words of love
Words of love, words of healing.  Who would not want to heal  after such words of encouragement?

The joy of healing!

I have been recovering from surgery which I had exactly one week ago today, but that is a story for another day.  Right now I am in convalescence and am just concentrating on healing myself  from the surgery.  

Bowl of chili for lunch today!
Bowl of chili for lunch today, not too spicy.   Serve with a tablespoon of  shredded cheese or a tablespoon of  cooked rice . 

Please pass me the spoon!

 Getting plenty of sleep,  some walking in the fresh air,  some  nutritious, yet  delicious foods and drinking lots of fluids, all help to get you feeling better.

Sleep is healing, make sure that you get enough!

What helps you when you are convalescing?

Please share!



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