The lake in March!

Little yellow flowers bravely greet the sunshine.
Amid the rocks and fall leaves little yellow flowers bravely greet the March sun.

Today the temperature is 60 degrees Fahrenheit/15 Celsius.  Please join me for a one hour trip to a local lake.  Wear your sunscreen and your sunglasses and fasten your seat belt, we will have fun.  Don’t forget your camera.

Our local lake in March
Our local lake in March, picnic area and boat ramp. Looks quiet and desolate.  

The last of the fall leaves still on the lawn.  Lots of branches also on the lawn,  evidence of large storms with high winds during the three month winter.  When we arrive there are no people, which always gives me a sense of a private showing.

Still looks beautiful and serene.
The lake still looks beautiful and serene with a blue sky reflected in her waters.

Although the lake looks beautiful, serene and inviting, the temperature of the water is in the thirties and the fish huddle together way down below to stay warm.  Do not attempt to go swimming,  hypothermia weather.  A week ago this lake was completely frozen over.


Lake waiting quietly for cleanup
The lake  waits patiently for cleanup.

While we are here,  some boats do launch and go fishing,  fishermen trying out their boats for usability.  If you are planning to fish here you will need a fishing license.  Today, we are here just to appreciate the beauty and take a walk along the shores to feel that fresh air in our lungs.  We will now head to a local restaurant for lunch or we will eat our brown bag lunch  at a picnic table.  What do you feel like?  For myself, it is difficult to drag myself away from the lake on a perfect day.  So I will have my turkey sandwich at the picnic table.

The restrooms are locked, so we will have to drive to a local restaurant in town to use their clean facilities.   After a long look at the lake and a reluctant feeling to leave we head back home.  On the way we pull over to take a picture of this sign and wonder about it’s origin.

On the way home we pull over and a picture of this sign
What world?  Who’s world?  When?  Where?  How?   Have to lookup Google for the answer when we get home.
As the weather man predicted , the sky fills with clouds
As the weather man warned this morning, the sky suddenly fills with clouds!

The rain  holds off until we get  home, now to check Google to enlighten us on the story behind The Center of the World sign.  Seemingly an investor and business man named Wilmot intended to build a city there someday, but did not realize his dream.  Another shattered dream.  But I do admire his optimism.

Did you enjoy the trip?  Don’t forget to upload your photos  to your computer.

Another perfect moment in this Septuagenarian’s life. 

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