Vacation Memories 2019

A single geranium blooms in the late summer sun in my sister’s garden.                         Just got back from a two week vacation, which included a family wedding and a reunion.The trip included an eight hour car trip, to CT, a stay over with my brother. Next day a two hour drive to the airport, and a five  hour flight to Europe. We did have to get to the airport three hours before the flight because it was an international flight.  We taxied out to the runway about nine pm, before the plane took off I was sound asleep and woke up when the pilot announced that it was  forty five minutes to landing at our destination.  A perfect flight for me.
Highlights of my trip. Interacting with my immediate family, (Brothers, sisters), cousins and friends. Food lots of good food. From curried chicken to fresh boiled white floury  potatoes from home garden.  Daily walks to local grocery store to pick some ingredients for dinner, carrying the food home  in our recycled  shopping bags, a walk  along the beach.   Trip to Donegal, night of live music in a pub with best fish & chips . The wedding was very beautiful  in church and reception at a lovely setting.

My sister’s garden , full of color , depth, and interesting things to check out. She also has blueberry bushes blooming which she gathers a handful of blueberry to enjoy with her morning cereal. She also has cherry tomatoes growing in pots, which she adds into her salads.
Teresa’s delicious green salad.
Line large bowl with fresh washed and dried spinach.
Add another layer of washed and dried Boston lettuce or lettuce of your choice.
Sprinkle a cup of fresh chopped green onions. Add a layer of sliced cucumber and finely sliced Mango.
Garnish with washed and dried Nasturtium flowers.
Donegal is on the western coast of Europe, the Wild Atlantic Ocean
Blue skies , view from my bedroom window on the last day of my vacation.

Enjoy today !
All photos taken by me on my cell phone!

3 thoughts on “Vacation Memories 2019

  1. Thanks for wonderful photos and memories. We had a glorious time. It was great to have the opportunity for the family to get together for the wedding and all the fun gatherings afterwards. I loved all the meals we had around the table, the breakfasts and the dinners. I love cooking so it gave me a great opportunity to practice my culinary skills. The older I get the more I appreciate my amazing family and all that they have given me over the years: friendship, kindness, compassion, generosity, opportunities to travel to places like Donegal in Ireland or Niagara in Canada, California: Muir woods, Stinson beach, Sausalito, Tiburon, Angel Island, Connecticut, New York, San Francisco, Long Island, New Jersey and many more places. Not to mention, the fabulous sing songs!!

    1. What a lovely perspective you tell your holiday from. I recognize Teresa’s garden before you identify it, and from then on, I go across Ireland with you, and will certainly try the salad. I always grow tomatoes in pots in the summer, herbs and lettuce. Not much, just for daily use.
      You always bring flowers into your blogs. It is a joy to use my imagination, and to enjoy them with you.
      Thank you for this slice of life, but one question…how do you manage to sleep as you wing your way across the Atlantic?

      1. Marg; What helps me sleep while winging over the Atlantic? Because I am exhausted by the time I board the plane. The plane departs at 9pm and the trip to Europe is five to six hours, which makes a very long day for me. I am usually awake at 6am! I avoid drinking alcohol, taking sleeping pills, or using stimulants before I board. Usually I carry a book in my handbag to read, but soon my eyes get tired and out I go.! Thank you for your comment! Nana

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