Bouquet of flowers from my son.
Bouquet of flowers from my son for Valentine’s day with love!

Valentine’s day 2016 is a day to express love to your sweetheart,  your family and your friends.

Pink lilly.
Pink lily.
Pink carnations with a lovely sweet smell.
Pink carnations with a lovely sweet smell.

St. Valentine is a real Saint from the 3rd century.

Pink rose!

Flowers are a lovely expression of love.  But a single red rose is just as romantic as a big expensive bouquet.  

Many shades of pink Vignette style
Many shades of pink Vignette style in Picasa.

Courting couples usually go out to a fancy restaurant and have a nice meal with a little champagne.  One of the most beautiful restaurants that I visited on Valentine’s day had white linen on small tables for two,  decorated with plants of small red roses and lit candles.  A roaming violin player played romantic melodies added to the ambiance!  

It is just as romantic to create a beautiful meal at home for your family or your sweetheart, or a special friend, there is plenty of love to go around.  So what is this septuagenarian doing for Valentine’s day?  My husband and I went for a drive in the snow  to a favorite restaurant  where we had “fish and chips” for lunch and reminisced about previous Valentine’s day we had spent together. As we were leaving our waitress handed us an instant homemade Valentine.

Instant homemade Valentine! How sweet!
Instant homemade Valentine!  How sweet!

On Friday we had visited our favorite chocolate store and purchased some chocolate covered grapes, chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered cherry cordials, which we are enjoying for desert today.   A little chocolate goes a long way, so eat it sparingly.

My favorite poem for Valentine’s day:

“Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Sugar is sweet  and so are you”.

Today I  read a new one:

“Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

My heart belongs to you”

How is your day going?

Take the time to say “I love you” it will make someone happy!

Happy Valentines to all!




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