Where have the robins gone?

Picture from WikimediaRobin  guarding the lawn in August.  While eating lunch today, we(my husband and I) noticed that the robins were not guarding our lawn as they have been doing  since last March.

The conversation went something like this:

J:  “I don’t see the robins on the lawn today.”

N(looking out the window):  “Well now that you mention it,  I don’t see them either.”

J: “”(JR)”(his deceased brother) “used to say that one day in August you will notice that the robins are not on the lawn that  they have left the  area”.   “I didn’t  hear them singing this morning, did you?”.

N: “I did not pay attention”.

J is grieving his brother who passed three years ago.  JR,  a septuagenarian passed away six  months before his eightieth birthday.  They were inseparable the last ten years of his life.  Their passion was fishing which they did at every opportunity.  One month before he passed was his last fishing trip.  JR had one grandson, who lived with him, although JR lived on a very fixed income , every year in August he would give his grandson’s mother $200 or whatever she needed to buy books and clothes for her son returning to school.   His grandson is currently in graduate school studying for his Master’s degree.  JR must be looking down on him with great pride!  So as septuagenarians this is an opportunity for us to help out our grandchildren when they need it.  But the greatest gift of all is spending time with them.

Fall leaves accumulating on the lawn
Fall leaves accumulating on the lawn may be the reason the robins decided to leave.

The robins will be back next year and have another family, but our grandchildren will be one year older, every year being a new chapter in their lives.  

Enjoy your life!

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